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Relationship Selling

Relationship Selling

Relationship Selling

Many small business people have great ideas for products or services, but don't want to sell or don't know how. They've defined their target market and how to reach it, and have mastered the financial aspects of running a company. However, often missing is a clear understanding of the sales process - or the willingness and ability to initiate successful sales conversations, and not get stopped by people saying "no".

What is it about selling that makes so many entrepreneurs shudder, especially those who are the sole salesperson for their firm? Very often they are affected by preconceived notions as to what selling is (adversarial, difficult, manipulative). Or they have a strong fear of rejection - when a prospect says "no," they take it personally.

Letting these negative ideas get in the way of selling is one way to ensure your venture will fail. After all, if you don't make sales, you don't have a business, no matter how good a product you have, or how well you've done your marketing.

There is a way to sell that is positive, rewarding and enjoyable? And it helps handle that fear of rejection as well. It's called relationship selling, and is the way effective, professional salespeople have always operated. In fact, Dale Carnegie started delivering this message 78 years ago.

Relationship selling applies to any kind of business, whether retail or business-to-business, product or service. While the steps to the sales process may vary slightly for each type, the overall theme of building relationships is consistent throughout.

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